Blog hosting is becoming one of the most popular ways for people to document what’s going on in their lives, and can be used as a personal journal or as a part of small business web hosting to keep customers and employees updated with news, sales, and changes to the store. There are a number of different blog space providers, and many of them provide the service for free – so why choose paid blog hosting? In this article we’ll take a look at some of the advantages you can see if you go with a web space provider that charges a small fee, rather than one of the many free ones available online.

One of the most popular reasons for paying for blog hosting is the desire to have a unique and interesting look and feel to the blog itself . There are estimated to be hundreds of thousands of blogs online, and with the internet growing in size at a rate of roughly five hundred percent every year, it can be increasingly difficult to stand out. Paying for your blog will usually not only allow you to have complete control over the way your blog looks, but it will be free of advertisements, and people wanting to access it will not have to go through the web space provider’s site – many blogs that have their own web space can be accessed through popular search engines, like Google.

Paying for hosting your blog is also a way to take advantage of green web hosting, a new practice where web space providers aim to offer affordable web hosting that also reduces the amount of electricity used and carbon emissions sent out. Electricity used to power the internet amounted to roughly three billion dollars in the United States alone last year, and more than seven billion dollars worldwide. Obviously, this is having a large impact on global power usage, and finding green web hosting options that are still affordable is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint.

As a writer, it can be difficult to tell whether or not your content is actually successful. Feedback is important because it encourages the writer to continue writing and can also provide direction. Aside from stat tracking software, it becomes difficult to test whether the content on your page is actually doing its job. If you are one of the many users with a blog, you can take advantage of the comment system to get feedback from your audience. We will look at how to engage your reader in order to solicit comments from them.

Have you ever read a news article that left you with questions of your own? When we read things, if they affect us, those things usually stick with us. If you want repeat traffic, ask the reader a few questions. As you write, look for openings to question ideas and provide opinion and insight.

A well placed question is often very effective at garnering some extra attention. It also provides space for you to answer that question and present a different point of view. The action of asking the question forces the reader to attempt to answer that question in his or her mind. When you provide an answer to a question that does not sync up with the reader’s perspective, you open a space for you to make your case.

A well developed argument is a great way to get comments. Try getting 10 people to agree on one thing, it can be a difficult task. When we argue with others, we find that they usually do not side with us. If you encourage an open discussion of ideas on your blog, your comments will flow.

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