What Daily WotLK Quests Can Mean to You and How You Can Earn Reputation and Gold Easy

Once again we find ourselves in a strange world Y2mate, in places like Icecrown, Zuldrak, Grizzly Hills, Howling Fjord, Dragon Blight, Borean Tundra, Wintergrasp, Storm Peaks, Sholavar Basin, The Shadow Vault and the Dead Zone. But what do we do know now that we’re there?

So many questions without answers. What do I do once I reach Level 80? Should I finish all quests in Northrend? What is a Daily Quest? How do I earn reputation? And gold farming is so boring — is there a fun way to earn gold?

For those of you who are sick of farming gold and would rather earn gold the fun way by doing quests, the answers do exist. And you can earn exalted reputation for all of the Wrath of the Lich King factions and gain access to Epic Gears, Special Mounts and Enchants.

Performing 25 Daily Quests a day can mean a great deal to you. You can earn thousands of reputation points and hundreds of gold, as well as Special Epic Land and Flying Mounts which will earn you access to special Epic Enchants, Epic Items, and Pets as well. Epic Items that you buy from reputations are only around 20g -100g to purchase, and this sure beats paying 2,000g -10,000g for your epic items from the Auction House.

Successful quests can find you in possession of mounts like the Grand Ice Mammoth, Red Drake, Green Proto Drake, or the White Polar Bear. You can earn special armor enchants like the Shoulder Enchant, which is the best you can get in the game. If you are serious about your character, you will need these enchants. Quests can also earn you Special Profession Recipes that will help you make a ton of gold.

If quests seem like a daunting, time consuming task that will take you long hours for little reward, then you need an awakening. It is more than possible to complete 25 Daily Quests in less than two hours once you know all the right locations and complete all the required chain quests.

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