The Week Magazine Subscription Saved My Time

As a business owner of a small business, and an investor in stocks, I consider keeping abreast of the news something that is paramount and absolutely essential in my daily life. Unfortunately, it’s usually the case that I find myself not having enough time to get enough sleep, much less watch the news or read the newspapers.

If you’re getting your news from your friends, then it’s not a very good thing If you’re getting your news from your friends, and it’s been several days since the actual event happened, then it’s disastrous. Sometimes I go to dinner functions or parties, and I find myself not knowing what the dinner conversation is about. That irks me not because of the embarrassment, but more of the snide remarks that are made, such as “Oh, you didn’t know about that?”.

The thing that trip me up the most is politics. Certain publications, even well-known and famous ones, have very biased political views and it’s bad if you need the accurate facts. So far, only one publication that I’ve read has managed to keep an unbiased, neutral standpoint, and only report the facts as they are. It’s The Week, and to attest to that, both my friend and I have completely different political views, and we love that magazine!

It is because of reasons like these that make me source around for ways to help me make use of my time more productively. I’m a huge fan of time management techniques such as the Pomodoro technique. Named after “tomato”, it’s a pretty good way to ensure that you focus on the task at hand, and rewards you with breaks at set intervals.

There are other techniques that I have done, but the most effective thing that I did is to simplify my life. I got rid of all my magazine subscriptions and newspaper subscriptions, except The Week magazine. I like the accurate and factual reporting style that it has, and find that it helps me save time instead of helping me waste time. If you’re anything like myself, I highly recommend that you try doing what I did as well!

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