The best games of the DS get a lot of the attention, but what about the worst ones? The DS is home to quite a few real stinkers, and it’s high time they get the recognition they deserve. Here is our list of the 10 worst DS games:

A DS title based on the popular Settlers series of board and PC games sounds like a good idea. Controlling and expanding settlements sounds like gameplay tailor-made for the DS. However, during the creation of The Settlers, something went horribly wrong F95ZONE. From the excruciating load times to the shockingly clunky controls, there’s not much of anything to recommend about The Settlers. Gamers can take some comfort from the fact that this one is a Gamestop exclusive- at least they don’t have to risk purchasing it everywhere.

Not everyone out there was clamoring for a Jackass game, but there was certainly a market for it. It’s easy to see how a game based on some of the more physical aspects of Jackass could have been successful and even fun. However, there’s nothing fun about Jackass the Game. Instead, it’s full of terrible minigames and stiff controls. As one review put it, “If Jackass the show were as bland as Jackass the game it would have been cancelled after one episode”.

Everything about a fighting game that lets you play as giant lizards should be fun. Making something like that a horrible experience would take some serious effort. Sadly, the makers of Godzilla: Unleashed Double Smash were up to that challenge. They went out of their way to make the game as repetitive as possible, letting players fight against the same 4 things on every level. In addition to this, the game has a terrible camera and buggy gameplay. Gamers searching for a handheld Godzilla game will have to keep on looking.

Not many games based on animated tv shows have been good, and Dragon Booster is no exception. What pushes this game out of mediocrity and into being flat-out horrible are the incredibly insensitive touch screen mechanics. Seasoned gamers will struggle to be precise enough for this title, making it near impossible for the children that it’s aimed at. Keep the kids in your life far away from this one.

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