Rift Supremacy Guide Review – What Is The Best Rift Strategy Guide?

Rift Supremacy is one of the most popular professional game guides for Rift: Planes of Telara. This online RPG is rapidly increasing in player base, and has won critical acclaim from a number of sources. However, due it its unique calling/soul system, as well as the inclusion of the Guardian and Defiant struggle, and rifts/invasions, Rift can be a difficult game to master, let alone learn the basics Myenvoyair login of.

For this reason many gamers have turned to using Rift strategy guides. In this Rift Supremacy guide review you are going to learn whether it is an effective and worthy strategy guide, or if this product is all hype and no substance. In this open review of Rift Supremacy you will learn what you need to know to make an informed purchasing decision about this popular strategy guide.

The first thing you need to be aware of is what exactly the guide teaches. It is important to realize that this guide is primarily focused with power leveling- that means it is focused around teaching you how to level your character up as quickly as possible, with as little playing time as necessary. Power leveling is a useful skill to learn as you can bypass the monotonous task of putting huge amounts of time into leveling, and you can instead hit the level cap quickly so you can then enjoy other aspects of the game such as combat.

Rift Supremacy’s power leveling instructions are by far the best in the business. Although other guides (such as the Xerxes Guide) may have superior strategies for combat and questing, nothing beats Rift Supremacy’s simple steps for power leveling success. Therefore, if you are interested in leveling up as quickly as possible, you really do need a copy of Supremacy.

As mentioned above, one of the failings of Rift Supremacy is that it does not offer the best instructions with regards to important game mechanics such as combat. Instead, it assumes you have a basic knowledge of combat and gameplay strategies, and builds on these. Therefore, it is is aimed at intermediate and advanced players who want to level up and dominate the game quickly, rather than absolute beginners who are really struggling to learn the ropes.

One thing that you cannot knock about Rift Supremacy are the excellent video guides which accompany the main eBook portion of the guide. By using videos to show quest strategies, character builds, and power leveling techniques you will find the game much easier to master. Few other Rift strategy guides offer such comprehensive video guides, which makes it a highly tempting prospect.

Another excellent part of the Rift Supremacy guide is its character build section. One of the most confusing and difficult things to do in any online RPG game is building a strong and functional character build. However, the guide really does make this easy by clearly and concisely laying out possible calling/soul combinations that will suit all styles of play.

These are easy to follow and all of the provided character builds are enjoyable and practical to play as. There are also comprehensive instructions and tips for all professions and skills in Rift, although personally I think the Xerxes Guide does a better job at these. If a quick-reference guide to the various professions and skills you can master in Rift is very important to you then go for the Xerxes Guide instead,

As far as pricing goes, you can get your copy of Rift Supremacy today for $34.95 USD. In my opinion this is a very reasonable price, as you get a quality game guide with accompanying videos, a 60 day money-back guarantee, and instant digital download. Because Rift is a paid subscription game, it really does pay to know how to play the game properly- you want to get your money’s worth.

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