Horses can be used for many sports and are often enjoyed by hunters, riders, and jockeys, they even choose horses as a profession. Some of the sports are English, Western and different sorts of regional sports. There are many Western horse riding games and they include; trail classing, pleasure riding, barrel racing and several more. The English riders play horse games such as Steeplechase, polo, racing, racking, foxhunting, dressage, jumping, racking, cross country, hunting, and show jumping and several more. The most popular horse game is polo and many countries play this game.

Polo is an extremely fun horse game. It is hard to imagine that this game originated from Persia and China about 2000 years ago. The definition of polo came from a Tibetan F95ZONE word meaning ball, and the original word was pholo. The first ever game that was recorded had been played around 600 BC but the very first polo club was put together by Britain around 1850. Many people love this game and are excited by it, and they are trying very hard to have it included as an Olympic sport in the games.

Before trying to participate in this horse related game, it is essential that you know the tips and basic rules of this game. Learning the basics is the first step. Polo games can be played in two different ways, polo outdoors and polo in arenas. If you are playing arena polo there would be a total of six players, because three players play on each team. There is one player who is called the pivotal player. The responsibility of this player is to change this game into an offense play and then he will obtain a goal. Most likely this player will be the third player. Player number one has the responsibility of defending the other team’s strikes, similar to a goalie in a soccer game. Player number two will play however the game sets up or in the teams chosen pattern. The outdoor game will allow four players on each team, with a total number of eight players on the field. In this game, player number four will represent the pivotal player. Players two and three will play the game however the pattern has been set up, and player number one plays defense. A polo stadium is where the outside polo games take place, and that is why it is named outdoor polo.

Now that you understand the game basics, it is important that you understand the rules. The goal line is made up of two posts that are spread 24 feet apart and the ball must be hit by a mallet and travel between the two posts that form the goal line, and that is how a goal is made. There are three umpires that judge different fouls in the game and their responsibility is to award the fouled team with the chance of scoring a free goal or a free hit, it all depends on what kind of foul was made by the opposite team. Soccer matches last longer than polo matches, there are eight periods. Each period consists of 7 minutes, and 30 seconds is added for the extra period. Usually an average polo game is about one hour long. A period in a polo match is known as Chukka.

A polo pony gallops almost three hundred meters in every chukka so, they can only compete in two Chukkas. The polo games that are played by professionals will only let one pony play for each chukka, and this will allow for a faster pace in the game. Joining a polo club would be a good place to start if you have any interest in trying to play this game. The polo clubs can help you learn how to play outdoor polo professionally. Is very important that you know how to ride horses before you apply to the polo club because polo does require really good horse riding skills. There are several different places that will teach you how to learn to ride a horse. It is easy to join the polo club just use your computer and look online to find the closest one, and join today. Anyone can play the sport, so try it and be happy and proud that you’re playing this sport as a hobby.

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