Password Manager – 8 Features to Look For

A pass word manager is an application that allows an individual to store the login information within an encrypted format and retrieve it as needed. To prevent hackers from getting at your private information, most password managers require a “Master Password” to become used the “key” to perform encryption and decryption associated with you data. password management software have to remember is of which Master Password in addition to the password office manager will remember most your other security passwords for you.

Just about all internet surfers are not aware that such a tool exists. But once you start employing it, you will never want to be able to go to the particular old way associated with entering your user name and security password. It simplifies your life a lot that will you wish you will have known about it sooner.

Listed listed below are 7 features that you have to expect from some sort of password manager:


The password manager should apply certain form of encryption algorithm to encrypt your logon information. Some examples of encryption codes are: DES (Data Encryption Standard), Blowfish, AES (Advanced Encryption Standard), Rijndael, etc . Do not employ a password manager that stores your current password and user name in sharp text (unencrypted). Any individual can copy your user name in addition to password if they are stashed in a clear text file. If your data document is encrypted, it will be performed useless even in case a hacker becomes a hold of it. The particular text may be like a new bunch of gibberish characters and typically the hacker won’t be in a position to do everything from it unless in case they have your master password.

Ease regarding Use

You ought to be capable of save and retrieve your current password and end user name with a just click of the computer mouse. Most password supervisors are implemented since a toolbar on your own browser so that will you need not move hunt for them in your Courses folder. When you are at the logon page, most you should require to do is to enter typically the user name, security password, and click on “Save Password” switch for the toolbar associated with your browser. Typically the password manager have to remember the URL (web address) of the site, the user name, pass word, and any some other options that a person have selected within the page. You should be in a position to rename the entry while needed (for instance, Hotmail, CitiBank, PayPal, etc).

When you require to be able to visit the site, you may just select the entry by the toolbar as well as the password manager ought to automatically log an individual in. Avoid security password managers that demand one to drag plus drop user name and password fields to the page because the password administrator is simply not intelligent adequate to determine what fields go where upon the page. Of which is extra do the job and you understand that there are far better password managers away there that would likely automate the “drag and drop” actions to suit your needs (RoboForm is definitely one of them).


An individual names and passwords that you save with your password manager must be “portable”, meaning you ought to be able to foreign trade checklist from a single computer and importance it from one more computer. Like that an individual are not attached down to a single computer system when using your current password manager. The ability to export your security password list also enables you to make a replicate of it and shop it in a new location other than the computer’s hard disk drive (i. e. your pen drive, external tough drive, memory show card, iPod, etc). Just in circumstance your whole pc is stolen or damaged in a new fire, you still have your pass word list.

Compatibility along with your Browser

Not all password managers are compatible together with the browser that you will be using. Most password managers are suitable with Ie. When you are working with FireFox or Opera browser, be sure that your own password manager is definitely compatible with this.

Built-in Password Power generator

Your password administrator needs to have a built/in password generator that will generates difficult-to-guess security passwords to suit your needs. This will certainly avoid hackers through breaking into your account using words extracted from a book.

Ability to Modify Username and password

If the webmaster involving the site alterations the logon job areas on the log on page, your password manager will cease working because typically the URL (web address) of the web-site might have altered and also the logon job areas might have been renamed. Whenever that occurs, your password manager should permit you to renew your logon adjustments so that typically the latest changes are usually saved to your username and password manager.

Built-in Type Filler

However is not a required feature, it will be a new bonus if your pass word manager provides a type filler. An application for filler injections allows you to be able to submit online varieties (like payment type, address form, individual information form) with preset data together with a mouse-click. You just have to type in your current personal information (such name, address, credit score card number, etc) once and typically the form filler might complete all typically the fields for you using a click associated with the mouse.

Each of our Recommendation: RoboForm

We now have tested various username and password managers, both compensated ones (like RoboForm, My Password Manager and Password Manager XP) and no cost ones (like KeePass Password Safe).

Many of us like RoboForm probably the most because it provides each of the features pointed out above plus more. It has a whole lot of intelligence built into it plus it does a wonderful job in getting the right user label and password areas from various log on pages. and we are able in order to get on different sites together with the fewest steps. Its form filler is indeed smart that will it will manage any form that you just chuck at it while other password professionals fail miserably. You may download the trial offer version of RoboForm by click upon the link under. You will become astonished by what that can do for yourself.

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