Is the Samsung A32 Still a Good Mobile Phone?

If you’re looking for a phone that’s going to blow your mind, then the Samsung A32 is the one to look at. Not only does it have one of the sharpest screens available on a smartphone, but it also has a ton of software options and a lot of memory for entertaining Samsung A32 . If you’re looking for a unique phone with tons of high-end features, then Samsung’s A32 series is definitely the one for you. But before you buy Samsung A32 do you really know what all of the hype is about?

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It’s been almost a year since the original A32 was introduced and since then it’s grown by leaps and bounds. Galaxy A32 units offer our strongest core performance features plus one of the cheapest thin-and-slim smartphones on the market today. That means not only a long-lasting battery, expandable memory, plenty of video playback options, an easy-to-use keyboard and a blazing fast 5g speed. The A32 is also one of the first smartphones to introduce a very impressive security updates and device management tool. This is just a small but important difference worth noting.

So how does the new Samsung A32 compared to the old one? Like many Samsung phones before it, the A32 has a dual-core processor plus Adreno processor dedicated to handling the graphics on the Samsung smartphone. The Exynos processor found in the iPhone is what powers the A32, which is a great upgrade from the iPhone’s dual-core M1 and Quadrant processors. With a strong processor core and a large amount of RAM, it’s no surprise that the A32 can run apps and run fast as it promises to do.

Speaking of apps, the A32 comes with two dozen or so apps pre-installed on Samsung’s online store. The interesting part is that these apps aren’t exclusive to the iPhone, at least not yet. The app list includes mostly gaming-oriented apps, like several from the Korean Gear Live, which are perfect for those who want to take their mind off the serious business of doing work, like sending emails and making calls. You can also find several productivity apps, including the very popular One Note (which may be one of the best apps in the world, according to tech magazines), as well as a weather widget, and a few productivity tools. The idea is for people who use the Samsung A32 to be able to multitask and not feel like they’re missing out on anything because of a single app.

In terms of power, the A32 should have no trouble keeping up with the competition. While the iPhone’s hardware is almost twice as big as the A32’s, the latter still manages to pack quite a punch. In fact, the iPhone’s user interface may look a bit clunky compared to the sleek lines of some of the newer Samsung smartphones, but the difference is clear. That said, even the A32 manages to be just as thin as Apple’s iPhone, and it comes with two quad HD screens, meaning crisp text and videos. In the end, it all depends on what you’re looking for in a smartphone.

As it was previously mentioned, the A32 line is geared more towards multimedia devices than mobile phones. That doesn’t mean that there aren’t a couple of gems in the A32 line, such as the excellent music player called Smart Download. However, the music player alone might not be enough for some. If you need a mobile phone that can also play video, then the answer might be the bigger Samsung A32 5g. It packs everything you’d want in one mobile phone, and is much better at handling the high definition video graphics that come along with today’s advanced phones.

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