Intense Mobile Gaming on the Samsung Galaxy S2

Games are not new to handheld mobile devices. In the past, we played simple forms of amusement such as Snake to kill time. Although this game is a classic, modern mobile phone gamers will find this age-old game too simple to play. They might even find this game boring. These day’s games are more intense. They come with 3D graphics. They are more interactive. They offer the same game play experience similar to console gaming and PC games. However, with hardcore games, system requirements have significantly gone up. These mobile games require more from the phone’s hardware. Some handsets will not be able to cope with these requirements. If you are looking for a handset that can easily meet these requirements, you will find it in the most powerful handset in the market the Samsung Galaxy S2.

This new flagship smartphone by the Korea-based phone manufacturer is not called the most powerful handset in the market for no reason. Sure, there are other F95ZONE handsets that come packed with a 1.2 GHz dual-core processor like HTC Sensation. However, it comes with 1GB or RAM to add more to performance. Aside from the dual-core processor, it comes with an integrated graphics processing unit that allows you to enjoy more from intense graphics from games.

True, single-core-powered handsets such as the iPhone 4 can handle graphically intensive mobile games. However, if ever other applications are used, performance will become an issue. With two cores, the Samsung Galaxy S2 will never experience this problem. This powerhouse of a smartphone will be able to handle a multitude of tasks no matter how requirement-intensive these apps may be. This simply means that you can enjoy games with intense graphics and game play.

Sure, the most popular one is Rovio’s Angry Birds. However, hardcore mobile phone gamers are looking for more action other than flinging flightless birds towards annoying green pigs. This is why game developers have created games that cater to more discriminating tastes. Examples of these games are Gameloft’s Assassin’s Creed and Backstab HD. These forms of entertainment offer heart-stopping action and more hours of game play not found in ordinary games. They also require more from hardware. The S2 is more than capable of handling this.

There is another one that pushes the envelope in mobile gaming development. This is Madfinger Games’ SHADOWGUN. This shooter incorporates third-person-shooter elements, dynamic lighting, and an interactive game environment. Not many smartphones will be able to handle the game’s requirements. With the Samsung Galaxy S2, you are sure to enjoy this intense mobile game.

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