Increase Blog Traffic Fast With the Help of Google Trends

It doesn’t matter who you are or why you’re running your blog – it’s almost a certainty that you want more traffic, and you want it as soon as possible. But kick starting a wave of targeted traffic can be virtually impossible without a significant amount of luck. There are, however, a few tricks that you may be able to put to your advantage.

Using Google Trends to Find Hot Topics 
If you haven’t heard of Google Trends, you’re missing out on one of the best tools for bloggers and webmasters . Not only does it show you the historical popularity of search terms, but it also predicts whether or not the trend will rise or fall in the future. When used correctly, it can help you grab traffic that’s only just around the corner.

To get a good grasp on how the tool works visit the site and check out the trends for “Swine Flu.” You’ll notice that before the story broke the news there was practically no interest in the topic at all. Within just a few short months, though, it had become an extremely popular topic. It still receives some interest today, but it’s mild in comparison.

Another interesting term to inspect is “predators.” Through 2009 the only correlation was the sports franchise “The Predators.” Whenever a there was a big game or controversial moment the search volume would spike. In 2009, though, the movie “Predators” was released, and the term became far more popular than it ever had been before.

While all of this is interesting we haven’t even tapped into the potential of Google Trends, yet. Their forecasting tool is where the magic happens. You’ll have to dig in and start experimenting if you want to find what will work for your niche, though, so don’t hesitate to go give it a look.

Make Sure Your Site is Well Established Before Getting Started 
This technique is most effective when applied to a blog that has already gained a high PageRank. That doesn’t mean it won’t work for newer blogs, though. It just isn’t quite as likely to compete as well with any other sites that may also be using the same technique.

When your site has a higher PageRank it’s more likely to show up in the search engine results pages for searched terms. Even if you use this technique correctly, there’s a chance that another site, with a higher PageRank, will show up before yours – even though they haven’t optimized their content for any specific terms.

If you have a large enough readership, the technique will prove even more effective. You’re writing about a trending topic, and your readers are likely to want to share what they’re learning about it. This can result in a post that goes viral, increasing your traffic even further.

Creating Content That Pulls in Visitors 
What you’re hoping to do, here, is combine the information you can collect from Google Trends with your readers primary interests. Doing so can help you receive traffic that you wouldn’t have otherwise never found your site. But you don’t just want to slap it all together haphazardly.

Instead, think about how your audience might be interested in the topic, or how you can relate it to something in your niche. For instance, a blog focused on business strategies recently published an article entitled “What World of Warcraft Taught Me About Business.” It was amazingly successful because it brought in visitors who were interested in business, readers who were interested in World of Warcraft, and readers who were interested in both.

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