How to Cover Combat Sports Events for Your Blog

When covering a fight event such as boxing for your blog, you have to plan ahead to do a good review. The first thing you need to do is find out who is on the card. If you are not interested in writing about the fighters and you do not believe there is a following for them, then do not cover the event. Call up the promoter or check out the website and determine if the fighters are worth covering . This will save you a lot of time when you are report local news in DC.

After confirming who is fighting, get a press pass from the promoter. They will probably add you to a list and you can pick up your press pass at the event. At amateur events, sometimes they won’t designate a press area so you have to find a seat early and stay there. Print out a sign that they “RESERVED FOR PRESS” and put it there when you leave. This will help reserve your spot and will improve the amount of information you get. I do this many times when I report local news in DC.

The next thing you need to do is go to the venue. Check out the lights and see where the best spot is to take pictures. If there are windows or you are too far then you will have to improvise. Sometimes you have to shoot through the fence of a cage so it will definitely limit the amount of shots you can get. When I report local news in DC I have had to shoot through the fence many times.

When you are about to go to the event, make sure you bring the list of fighters with you. Sometimes the events don’t have any programs and you do not know who is fighting. Bring the information and check the fighters’ names as they are called for each bout. Often times there will be last minute replacements and this will result in inaccurate news when you report local news in DC.

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