How does the voting process decide elimination on Bigg Boss Telugu?

Public Voting Decides

Voting Process Decides Elimination of the Contestants in the bigg boss telugu vote. Since the Day 1 of the Bigg Boss Viewers have an Opinion on each of every Contestant or Housemate inside the Bigg Boss Telugu House. They vote based on the Behaviour of the Contestant, Some vote based on the Popularity of the Contestant.

Every Monday Few Members of the House get Nominated for Public Voting. Voting lines open from Monday 11 Pm to Friday Night 12:00. The Contestant who gets More votes will be saved from the elimination and he or she will be one of the Top Contestants in the Bigg Boss House. The Contestant who gets the least number of votes is get Eliminated. 

Popularity May Not Work

In Some Cases, Though the Contestant is a Big Celebrity or Most Popular one in Public, He or She may not get votes if they didn’t Performed well in House then they won’t get votes. For Example, 7arts Sarayu has huge following on Social Media, She also has some fan base, Instead, She got Eliminated in the First week because she was been normal in the house, didn’t fought, argued with any one, sometimes it felt like is she there in the Bigg Boss House. 

The One who gets more Screen Space, who gets more following and Good name from Audience will definitely won’t eliminate orelse they will.

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