How Correct Condom Use Will Make You Better in Bed

Incorrect condom use is the most common cause of condoms breaking, tearing and slipping off. It leads to exposure to sexually transmitted disease and opens the door to unwanted pregnancy. These problems create stress and anxiety in the bedroom, when what you and your partner really need is relaxation, peace of mind, and intimacy.

Every relationship counselor will tell you that women have one requirement that if you meet it, will allow her to have great sex and mind blowing orgasms. That one thing is intimacy. Incorrectly using a condom destroys intimacy. Getting worried that a condom will break or slide off will not let you or your woman enjoy sex to its fullest.

Here are six steps to follow to make sure you are using condom hk a condom properly and creating the intimacy she needs.

1. Choose the appropriate condom size for you. 50% of men do not fit into average sized condoms. 40% should be using snug fit and 10% should be using large ones. If you are using a condom that is too small, it has a higher chance of breaking. If you use one that is too large, it has a higher chance of sliding off. In addition, a condom that fits properly will hug your curves and shape giving both you and your partner more of a natural feel.

2. Open the wrapper carefully. Do not get caught up in the heat of the moment and rush. Opening the wrapper is the most common way condoms get damaged.

3. Pinch the tip. Before you begin unrolling the condom, pinch the tip and hold it as you unroll it. This will ensure there are no air bubbles and there is extra material at the top to catch any fluids without risk of breaking.

4. Unroll the condom all the way. There will be some extra material at the bottom, but that is by design. Just make sure the condom covers the entire length of your penis.

5. Use lubricant. Condoms break when there is too much friction. An easy and fun way to avoid this is to apply lubricant. If you are using latex condoms, make sure you are using water based lubricants since oil based lubricants degrade latex.

6. Hold the bottom of the condom as you pull out. To make sure it doesn’t slide off as you are pulling out, reach down with your hand and hold onto the base of the condom to hold it securely.

Condom Sizes In Plain English

To make sure you are choosing the correct size, check out this condom size guide [] to see which one will fit you best.

The right size will ensure you and your partner are protected and will give both of you the maximum amount of pleasure, instantly creating the intimacy she needs.

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