Getting High Traffic From Google Gets Difficult

Gone are the days when anybody would stand and teach you how to get Google traffic and how you can rank high on Google. Webmasters are not able to understand the reason for the waning or waxing traffic of their site! Google has changed Buy Google Reviews its algorithm in 2010 and the world is feeling the impact of this change. Google had claimed that the latest algorithm change would bring about a change in almost 35% of its organic search results.

The interesting fact is that even sites which had a lot of content started getting lower ranks in the Google organic search results. Google now says that the top search results will show only quality results from authority sites which are having a good reputation. Yet there is one more change in the giant search engine’s search results.

Google results will now show sites which are often updated on the top of its search results. A good news for people who write too often. But the race does not end here. There are many people who are having lot of updated content on the web. In order to make sure that the site is having good content Google has started tracking the behavior of people who have clicked on a site on its search results.

If the visitor stays for a long time Google is sure that the site has good content or else Google will look for other sites which can do well for the same search query in its database of indexed webpages. With so many people sticking to blogging and trying to make some quick money online Google has become too smart and its filters are now very strict and narrow to let small diamonds fall off and big diamonds stay on top of the search results. Let us take a look at a few things which bring traffic from Google even after the present major algorithm changes

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