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If you are reading this article than you are in the same boat I was. You are in a network marketing company (or MLM) and are struggling to make it work. You joined your company with high hopes and aspirations only to find out it was not as easy as your sponsor led you to believe. You don’t have a lot (if any) money to spend on advertising and are searching for some low cost or free ways to build your business.

There are several great ways to build your business that are completely free in terms of money, but will take some time and effort. Keep in mind there is a cost associated backpage alternatives websites with every effective means of marketing. If it is to be effective, it will either cost you money or time. There is no free lunch.

One of my favorite forms of free advertising that I use to build my MLM is Free Classifieds. When used properly you can generate some very highly targeted leads for both your business as well as your product.

There are literally hundreds if not thousands of free classified sites on the web, but the two I have found to be most effective are Craig’s List and Craig’s List is by far the most viewed classified site on the internet, and the one I have had the most success with. They are somewhat restrictive in the number of ads you can place and you will have to get creative to work around this. There are software programs you can purchase that will post ads for you, but we are discussing free marketing.

To be effective on Craig’s list, you will need to set up several e-mail accounts and if possible, post ads from several different computers. For e-mail accounts, I use gmail and set up Outlook so I can check all my accounts at the same time. I have found that you can post between 6-10 ads from the same computer before Craigslist’s spam filter catches them and removes them.

You will want to create 5-10 ads that you rotate posting. These ads can be similar in content, but should each be unique as to get past the spam filter. I post ads at least 5 days a week and leave them up for 2 days.

You will need to experiment with the best place to put your ads. I have had limited success posting under Business Opportunities, but the leads I have gotten from this section have been high quality. Placing ads in the job section will get you a lot of response, but you will get a lot of people who are not interested in an income opportunity, only a paycheck. I have also placed ads in other sections that have nothing to do with a job or a business opportunity, but receive high traffic, such as the electronics for sale section. These ads will get flagged and removed, but my experience has shown that the leads that respond to them are very interested.

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