Fishing Holiday Destinations Around the World

Fishing has grown into an extremely popular sport around the world. It has to be one of the most relaxing and satisfying sporting holidays to go on December Global Holidays. There can be very few things more satisfying than taking a relaxing fishing holiday break in a peaceful location staying in a holiday home and participating in the sport that you love.

Scotland has some of the best salmon fishing in the world and a top fishing holiday destination. Many Americans come on vacation to Scotland to catch a Scottish salmon. During the day they fish in beautiful surroundings and at night many stay in a holiday cottage of farmhouse. That way the fishermen can get a taste of the local culture and cuisine, with many taking their caught fish back to their holiday cottage and cooking it themselves.

Trout fishing is popular in England with fishermen trying their hand at fishing a local river and staying in a rental cottage. Sea fishing has also become extremely popular in the U.K and many people now take their holidays down in Devon to go sea fishing. While fishing in Devon many fishermen bring their families with them and rent a holiday home to stay in during their vacation.

France has always been a popular tourist destination for its beautiful beaches, countryside and food. It is now also a favourite destination for fishermen going on weekend break fishing trips. Carp fishing is a popular French fishing holiday and some fishermen now go fishing to France on long weekend breaks. They find it a whole different world from the hustle and bustle of their normal everyday lives and find that it makes a relaxing holiday.

Many fishermen stay in local holiday homes and gites that are available to rent direct from their owners. When staying in these gites, they use them as a base to explore the rest of the countryside in the location that they are staying. There is nothing better than catching a fish in France and eating it with local crispy baguettes and locally produced French wine.

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