Credit Card Relief Through Debt Settlement

As American consumers are seeking debt help in huge numbers, the increased use of debt settlement as a stepping stone to debt recovery is not surprising. While there have been naysayers over the years that said debt settlement was a scam, the whole notion of it as a workable and valuable solution is back by the U.S. Government. Laws were passed that totally protect the consumer during the process, and put stringent rules on how debt relief companies work. If there’s true credit card relief around these days, debt settlement is it.

Debt settlement is a freedom debt relief. That means that it is possible to eliminate debt because it takes less to pay it off after the balances have been negotiated with a consumer’s lenders. The process is straight-forward. A consumer stops paying their monthly payments, penalties or fees to a creditor. When the credit card company realizes they may not receive any more payments toward iva the debt, they are likely to accept far less than is owed them. Of course, they could sue or put liens on property, but with so many Americans deeply in debt, it is much more common for them to decide to settle. Professional negotiators from good debt relief companies make a difference at this point because of their knowledge of how each lending institution works, how they negotiate and at what point they will employ credit card forgiveness.

As a part of the money that Wall Street received from the U.S. Government, portions of it were earmarked to help consumers directly, and it is another reason that creditors are more likely to reduce balances by larger percentages. They have the incentive. When the government also realized that debt settlement was a legitimate option to help consumers, they then passed laws to protect them. No reputable debt company will charge any fee before a creditor is paid off. It is only after the consumer has an account closed that the debt relief company receives their fee. Think about it. Do lawyers or doctors or tax accountants wait months or years before they want their fee. No, of course not, but that’s exactly what American debt relief requires. The consumer must succeed before there is a fee to pay. It is one of the better deals found anywhere.

Debt settlement takes discipline. It takes religiously putting money aside that will go to pay creditors and sometimes that isn’t easy. The very reason a consumer gets into debt problems is poor budgeting and spending habits or loss of a job. The process requires a concentrated effort to save money during the debt restructuring process. Even with heavy debt, it is possible to be free and clear in three to five years, and that’s half the time that bankruptcy sticks to a credit report and on public records

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