Creating a Successful Business Blog

If your business has a website but doesn’t have an integrated blog, you could be missing out on valuable traffic.Blogs are an effective way of adding to your company’s marketing armory, as well as an ideal way to bolster your website’s SEO.

Of course, the major issue you face when setting up a blog is what to write and who’s going to write it? Do you treat it as a journal of your office’s day-to-day running? Do you copy news from elsewhere and pass it off as your own? Well the answer to these is no, and a huge emphatic no!

A business blog is your opportunity to show your clients and potential customers what you’re all about. It shouldn’t be grotesquely self-promotional, that will do little to encourage readers to take the time out to check it routinely . Instead, the best technique is to simply talk about what you know; the industry you’re in and the developments that are going on all around you.

The perfect blog post is something new, unique and that will be of interest to visitors. People routinely scour the Internet looking for the latest news, so if your blog can corner a market, you may well find yourself receiving a whole new stream of search traffic.

Even if you can’t generate something wholly unique, there are plenty of things out there to blog about. Why not have a look around yourself to find what people are talking about in your sector? You shouldn’t copy other blog posts verbatim, but gaining a little inspiration is a widely accepted part of business blogging.

There’s no reason why you can’t talk about what is happening within your business too. Regular visitors and your customers will often be interested in finding out a little more about the human side of the company. Used in moderation and accompanied by a good level of interesting news features from across the industry, your blog can cater for all markets.

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