Cartoons, Videos, Caricatures, and Negative News – In the End What Does It All Prove?

It is unfortunate that there are folks who are so ingrained in their thinking that they are willing to kill others who disagree with their religion or don’t find any value in it at thus, engage in mocking that particular reality. Now then, we have just such an occasion when it comes to Islam in the present period, and we’ve seen quite a bit of violence due to cartoons, videos, caricatures, and less than flattering writing or essays on the topic. Still, in many regards if folks who are fundamentalists in a particular religion believe that they must punish such actions as part of their honor system, then we have a problem with free speech in the world Elisa Gayle Ritter .

Now then, the Homeland Security News had an interesting article posted on their website on September 19, 2012 titled; “French Satirical Magazine Today Publishes Unflattering Caricatures of Prophet Mohammed,” which stated; “The French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo announced yesterday (Tuesday) that today (Wednesday), it would publish satirical cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed as a protest against the violent wave of anti-American demonstrations in several Muslim countries.”

This is somewhat of an in-your-face response to the embassy riots in North Africa, the Middle East, and in Indonesia after the poorly constructed YouTube video was put out which showed the “All Mighty Prophet Mohammed” in an unfavorable light. This French satirical magazine is pushing the limits on the other side of the equation and in doing so they may be exercising their right to free speech and freedom of the press, but they are also purposely causing conflict as a pushback to previous events.

Some may say they shouldn’t do this, others would say it’s about time, and perhaps I might suggest that this is risky, but that’s the only way to stop it, every newspaper, outlet, and media in the world should do the same thing, all at once to let the world know that free speech and free media will not take a backseat to terrorism, threats, or extortion. In a perfect world, that’s how you combat such things, but with the explosive violence which has recently occurred one has to ask how we should cope with this?

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