Binoculars and Bird Watching: Using the Right Binoculars the Right Way

Binoculars and bird watching go hand in hand together. While binoculars are not a requirement for bird watching, they are in fact the number one tool a bird watcher will need. The great thing about bird watching though, as opposed to other outdoor activities, is the fact that binoculars are all you will ever really need. Of course there are other items that you can invest in that will enhance your bird watching experience, such as a spotting scope, digital camera, and digiscoping adapters. But to get started, your first investment should definitely be a quality set of Binoculars.

When choosing the best binoculars for bird watching, the number one thing to consider is your budget. Your budget will determine the quality of binoculars you are in the market for. As with all optics equipment, as quality goes up, price follows. In fact, in most cases, price rises faster than quality demonstrating a law of diminishing returns. In most cases, $500 binoculars will be about twice as good as $250 binoculars; but $1,000 dollar binoculars will most likely be not be twice as good as $500 binoculars. The difference is even less between $2,000 and $1,000 binoculars. Still though, there is a difference between all of these; it is a difference you will have to pay for. Just remember the following quote and you will be fine:

The best rule of thumb in buying binoculars is to go with the best binoculars for bird watching you can afford because you get what you pay for.

The Best Size Binoculars for Bird Watching

There are many different sizes of binoculars on the market today from 6x50mm to 12x20mm and everything in between. This can make for a tough decision for first watches casio g shock time buyers when looking for the best binoculars for bird watching. To make things a whole lot easier, remember that most experienced users of binoculars will agree that the best binoculars have a magnification of 10 power and an objective of 40mm – 42mm. This is spelled out as 10X40mm or 10X42mm. Of course this is open to debate and some will argue to go with less magnification and/or a bigger objective lens. But again, most will agree that 10X42mm binoculars will be the best compromise between size, magnification, field of view, and comfort.

Beginning with Quality Binoculars

Unless of course you can afford it, it might not be a good idea to rush out and buy the best binoculars for bird watching. The thing is that you may find that bird watching is not that exciting to you and then you have high dollar binoculars that do not get used for the reason you bought them. All is not lost though, because throughout life you will have times when fine optics would come in handy. If you are considering bird watching, then chances are you spend some time in the outdoors, or would like to, and you will have a need for binoculars for the rest of your life.

Like wise, you should not buy cheap binoculars for bird watching either. For one thing, if you find birding to be as addicting as we do, then you will get tons of use out of your binoculars. If you started out with cheap binoculars, then you will undoubtedly regret the purchase, and or buying a higher quality binocular later, costing you more in the long run. That is why we go by the saying (and I will say it again): Go with the best binoculars for bird watching that you can afford, because you get what you pay for. It is amazing how much a quality set of binoculars, like any listed above, enhances birdwatching over cheap binoculars.

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