If you wear glasses or contacts, you probably have an eye exam every one to two years to keep your prescription current. However, everyone should have regular eye exams to ensure that they are not having other vision problems developing CISM exam . Children often receive vision-screening exams at the pediatrician or from the school nurse. While these tests are often helpful in determining if your child is having a vision problem, they are no substitute for a routine eye exam by a qualified optometrist.

Children with vision problems can have difficulty with learning to read and with copying work from the board at school. An eye exam can let you know if a child needs glasses and those glasses can help the child to be successful at school.

If there are specific health issues that you are dealing with, you may need to have an exam by an ophthalmologist. Otherwise, most people can see an optometrist for the exam. Persons with diabetes should see an ophthalmologist. He will add eye drops into your eye to dilate the pupils in order to see inside the eye and to check for blood vessels that may have broken allowing bleeding inside the eye. This condition can lead to macular degeneration which, if left unchecked can lead to blindness.

In addition, if you have other health conditions, your general practitioner may also refer you to the ophthalmologist. Persons without these conditions should schedule an exam with an optometrist, who can check you eyes for vision changes and do a general exam of eye health.

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