The new Vivo smartphone from Sony is the Vivo V21 Pro and it looks like it will be very popular with the Indian masses. This smartphone was launched at an expensive price but if you look carefully, you can find many reasons for its high pricing Vivo V21 Pro . There are many good reasons for the high price tag but there are also some bad reasons as well which need to be looked into before purchasing the handset. Read on to find out more about the pros and cons of the device.

Sony has been active as a big bee in India ever since it launched the successful Yperia Z series last year. It has also launched the Vivo Y 72 five-inch handset which is one of the best selling handsets in India. The two handsets are almost similar to each other in terms of looks and the only difference is in the form and feature set. The pricing of both the devices is pretty similar except for the RIZR-locked Smartphone which costs nearly three times as much as the non-RIZR version of the handset.

The Sony Android phone in the name of Vivo V21 Pro comes with a lot of features including the advanced text messaging services, built-in GPS, Bluetooth, and camera support. The camera support in this model is unique as it is capable of supporting the REMN otherwise known as night mode which allows the user to see pictures in a normal manner even in dark places like bars or hotels. There is also an option called Nightlight which helps you see images even in the darkest places like outdoors in the night time. The text messaging options provided by this handset are very impressive as it offers you free messaging and plenty of other facilities.

The handset also comes with a lot of other facilities such as music player, MMS and Bluetooth. It has an internal memory that is expandable via microSD slot. Apart from this, the connectivity options provided by this handset are very impressive. It is available in all major mobile network operators in India such as – orange, Vodafone, Idea, Tata Indicom, and others.

However, the pricing of this variant is quite high when compared to the other non-rooted smartphones in India such as the iPhone and HTC Evo. The low priced variant of this model is priced at Rs1490 and is a limited mobile phone model. It does not have many add-on features and comes with only basic music player, text messaging, GPS, and infrared sensors. In addition to this, the other mobiles such as the Nokia E71 that has a higher memory has lower prices and is considered to be a better and advanced device when compared to the Vivo V 21 Pro.

So, in order to grab the best deals when it comes to this next big thing, one should buy the unlocked handset from any of the well known online mobile stores. This will ensure that the users are not affected by any roaming charges when they visit their place in India. The other way to look for these devices is through the local stores in the cities where these unlocked smartphones are available for sale. However, this option can be time consuming because people have to roam around in various cities to find these stores. So, in this case, it is always recommended that people should opt for online shopping stores where they can find all details about the models they want to buy.

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