Advice For Game Aficionados When it Comes to Renting and Buying Video Games

Being a hardcore gamer is fun but it’s a pricey affair. Gamers these days just cannot afford to pick up any game they desire to play simply because of the prices of these game titles. Before, the only way to find out whether a game was good or not was by word of mouth or by reading reviews. The other way to see if a game was worth playing was to buy it, but this however was never a really sensible option since games back then were costly as well. If you want PS2 games, the prices on those are not as expensive as the newer console games, but they are still pretty expensive.

Because of the high prices of game titles, people decided to open up video game rental stores. These stores are places where a gaming enthusiast or the father of one who doesn’t like to waste money on games, can go there and rent out a game for a day or two. If the game is not returned within the stipulated time frame, the person would have to pay a late fee F95ZONE . These stores usually tend to keep the latest game since that’s what they think everyone’s playing. However, that is not the case. The PS2 gaming console, even if it’s not the latest console, is still probably the most widely played gaming console.

Now instead of buying a game to try it out you are able to drive down to the store, ask the clerk out there to get the game you’d like, wait till he finds the game, get the game, drive down to the house again, and finally get to try out the game. Of course, all of this can be done provided the game you want hasn’t already been rented out. Then you try the game and you are hooked. But then you don’t have all the time in the world to finish it since you got to go for your soccer match. So you decide to keep the game for a bit longer and when you finally go to the store to return it, you realize you got to pay a good amount of cash in late fees.

So video game rental stores seem like the best choice to obtain a title you want, right? Well, not exactly since there is something called online video game rental. How is online video game rental any better than the usual rental store in town? Well, to start with, there’s no driving involved and all you got to do is walk to your computer, go online and choose whatever game you like. OK, so that’s not so great is it? Well there’s more. Remember all those late fees you had to pay all those times you returned the game late. You don’t have to pay any late fees when you rent online.

Many consider Risk the first mainstream war board game, simple and fascinating enough to attract the attention of a wider audience than previous war games of military simulation. In this strategy board game, each player tries to win battles and conquer countries in order to increase his power and to finally conquer the world. The game board used for Risk is a simplified map of the world, consisting of 42 territories.

Origins of the Risk board game

The history of Risk began in 1950s, when a French filmmaker Albert Lamorisse created the board game called “Conquest of the World”. In the time, the game was revolutionary, because it involved non-linear movement. As for most successful games, the rules of the game were fairly easy to learn, but difficult strategies could be developed for winning. The wider audience got to know the game thanks to the Parker brothers who published the game in 1959 with slight modifications under the name of Risk.

Gameplay basics

The world map used to play Risk groups the 42 territories into different continents and by controlling an entire continent, a player can become stronger by gaining extra troops. Just like in a real war, the players have to attack their opponents’ territories and defend their own in order to conquer the world. The outcome of battles in Risk board game is determined by rolling dice, so there is an element of luck included, just like in the real battles. But as in the real battles, a greater army has an advantage.

The classic version of Risk uses miniature soldiers, cavaliers and cannons to represent armies of different sizes, but in the recent year 2008 version, they have been replaced with more generic arrow figures to bring the game closer to the contemporary world. Different army types exist only in some special editions of Risk, but not in the classic version.

It’s the flexibility of the game that has made the Risk board game one of the most popular war board games: the tactics for winning of one player can be very different from those of other players. The problem of many war board games is that the power of the strongest player increases exponentially and others can do nothing to stop him. In Risk, negotiating and finding allies is a rather important part of the game. By uniting their forces against a player who possesses an entire continent, other players can conquer a territory from this continent to weaken him and to prolong the game.

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